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01 How is coaching different from psychotherapy?


Coaching and consulting should not to be confused with psychotherapy.  Coaching is therapeutic in nature but it is not mental health therapy. Though I am experienced and trained to work as a psychotherapist, I am not currently offering psychotherapy. If mental health counseling issues arise, I will make sure to offer you a recommended referral for psychotherapy. As a coach and consultant I focus on the present challenge you are facing and move forward in providing strength based solutions and action plans that help influence change in your behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and actions in yourself and towards your child(ren). In general, psychotherapy is focused on finding the cause and root of an issue via the emotion and behavior attached to it. This usually involves analyzing and processing the past. Coaching and consulting, on the other hand, is focused on your current thoughts, emotions and behaviors, which are things we can have influence over. Thoughts and emotions are what drive your behavior and ultimately the results you are getting (or not getting) in your life. My objective is to help you recognize the parent you are meant to be and provide the tools to keep you feeling connected to your child(ren), confident about yourself as a parent, and more fulfilled with your family life.


02   What if I’m not a parent/caregiver?


You don’t have to be raising a child to find value in my coaching services and the tools that I offer. All of us have exposure to a child in our lives in some way or another or know somebody who does- whether you are a teacher, a day care provider, a probation officer, a store clerk, a grandparent, a neighbor. I believe that every adult on this planet is here to help raise a child in whatever capacity that they may have been introduced to or have been interacting with the child. We are all role models and if we expect our child(ren) to be a certain way, then we have to exemplify those expectations through our own actions. It takes a village to raise a child. We all contribute to this village in our own way. From this diverse village that we so proudly come from, one adult can positively change a child’s life. That person could be you!


 03   How can I work with you?


If you’re ready to thrive versus simply survive raising your child(ren) or someone else’s, check out my coaching services and the tools I offer. I can help give you some relief and rebuild your confidence in areas where you may be faltering so that your loving, caring, compassionate, and understanding side emerges more in times when you face those frustrating challenges with your child(ren). I would be honored and humbled to connect with you on this amazing, yet trying journey towards rejuvenating your relationship with your child(ren) while creating the family life you want. You are the expert of yourself, while guiding your family towards what you’d like things to look like. I’m here to help chart a course that will best support your goals and make them a reality.


04 Can you give some quick advice on anything related to parenting, children, family life, child development?


Yes! Yes! And Yes! Connect with me for a free 15 minute consultation or email me at




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