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Share a few kind words of encouragement to another wonderful parent that is facing a challenge of some kind today. 



Imagine the power of exchanging encouraging words with another parent.

Envision a shift in attitude, behavior, and feelings when such simple and kind words  bring validation to an experience, a situation, a moment, a blip in time. 


It's a shift that transforms everything-it changes the landscape of ones heart, mind, and body. 


How often do you encourage a stranger with positive, kind, and nonjudmental, words? You can start right here, right now. This small gesture can cause great flowing ripples of positivity in the life of someone today. Send out positive intentions into the universe and it will touch someone's heart and family. 








Inspire yourself to motivate other parents. What are words that have helped you in your moments of doubt or negative self-talk?  Help spark positive energy and light into a parent's world.


Share Positive Words of Encouragement in 3 Simple Steps!







Type in your kind words of encouragement and click on the

'Share & Encourage' button. It will show up on this page for others to see. 


Share your words of encouragement with friends and family so that they can help pass it forward and begin to make a difference with their own kind words of encouragement.

Positive Words Of Encouragement

"Remember to breathe and take a step back when you're being tested to your limits!"


            ~Jennifer-a mom of 3


"Don't worry about what others think about how you parent. Just do what is right for your child and your family. You know them best."


     ~Cassie-2nd grade teacher


"We are our harshest critics. Be kind to yourself. Things don't have to be perfect."


           ~Amanda- mother of 2

  It's okay to say "NO!!"




                     ~ Daniel- dad of 3

"Take time for yourself. Take a break from your kids."



                      ~Beverly mom of 4


  "You're not alone."


         ~ Nicolette- mom of 1

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